How much Does Photo Restoration Cost?

How much Does Photo Restoration Cost?

Photo restoration prices depend on the amount of repair work involved, for example as the damage increases, such as complexity, photo size, amount of fading, extent of cracks, rips, missing parts, all will affect the restoration cost which can start as low as $5.00 for a simple retouching job and can go up to hundreds of dollars if there are many repairs.
So to give an accurate price quote we need to see each image or at least a 600 dpi scan of the photo. Yes photo restoration can get expensive, but if your photograph is of value to you, with our experience of over 40 years you will see how quality can make a big difference,


We always give you the highest quality keeping the photo's individuality at the same time improving the quality of your restoration. The total photo restoration cost will be given to you before we work on your photo. Always keep in mind some out of focus photos or pictures that are missing important detail may not be repairable, but we will let you know before if its possible or not when we see your image. We never send your work out to other sources or hire others to do your photo restoration work all work is preformed in house by Brian.
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Very Simple Digital File Retouching:

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Mini Minor:

Restoring From Film or Prints:
For very little work of imperfections (such as a blemish, or just a copy).
includes scanning your photograph, also includes one free high quality archival print (up to 5" x 7").

Minor restore :

(needs to be seen for more accurate quote Retouch and repair of small damage scratches, some small tears, mold, etc. and color correction brightness and contrast.
quotes includes scanning photograph, also includes one free high quality archival print (up to 5" x 7").

Moderate work

(needs to be seen for more accurate quote
more extensive work including repair of more extensive tears and holes, color correction brightness and contrast or fading.
quote includes scanning photograph, and one free high quality archival print(up to 5" x 7".)

Severe or Extreme Damage must be seen for a quote.

Additional scanning charges may apply for large photographs

colorize a photo
Photo Colorization:

Extra expenses added to restoration charges
(needs to be seen for more accurate quote)
change from black-and-white to color, add to restoration pricing.
Amount charged depends on work required.

Photo Alterations +

An addition to Minor restoration removal of people or subjects or placement in another photo or background changes.
If more people or objects are moved, it will need a quote. For aditional prints or Larger size prints see printing box below and add this charge.
We are experts for removing unwanted items, colorizing, background changing, people or unwanted objects in the picture.
restorations can also be done online.
Please upload your file with the form below with a scan of 600 dpi remember finished quality depends on what you give us if you want work done online.

Giclee canvas or paper printing
print your art on canvas or watercolor paper using a archival giclee printer.
We can even add texture to your print actual brushing texture even with paint to creat a real work of art.
we use Giclee printing on all fine art paintings.
Yes we can produce your paintings or photos into Giclee archival prints on watercolor paper or canvas.
Our large format Giclee printing service has an awesome wide gamut range of color to make your art come alive.

And finish it off with top quality picture framing or with plaque mounting, and old style framing for old prints.
turn ordinary photos into beautiful paintings, truly a brush stroke work of art.
It is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional oil painting. But because of the uniqueness of this artform, each painting must be seen to give a fair quote.
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All work can be reproduced on artist canvas, mounted on stretchers and beautifully professionally framed.
We can also texurize gallery purchased posters that you have, or that you may want to order, these to can be made to look like the original paintings.

We do our very best to give you the best quality possible for your reproductions.

we want you to show your art work in your home or workplace with pride
You will see why we are the best

Our frame selection will give you the best possible choice without breaking your budget.
Browse our gallery and enjoy the art!

photo printing prices

shipping extra charges
(call for free estimate)

Our Giclee prints we print will last for many years longer than most offset litho prints available today.
Our archival Giclee printer prints with amazing quality seeing is believing .
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    Send large files free here

    Simply follow the below steps.
    1. Scan your image at a resolution of 600 dpi and save it as a "high" or "maximum" quality JPG. or send digital files from your camera but this method is not recomended cell phones usualy have poor image quality.
    2. Send me an email with your file attached and any comments you have or any special requests.
    3. I will review your photo and send you a PayPal payment request at your quote OR you can pay using a credit card or PayPal account if you have one.
    4. When I receive your payment I will begin work on your restoration and will email you the completed work, ship it out, or pick it up at our gallery.