Fix a Ripped Photo
and Repair Torn Photos

before and after image of repair ripped photo

Can A Ripped Photo Be Fixed?

To fix a ripped photo can be a challenge when the rip, crease or tear is in sensitive areas like a face. But it can be fixed. Some photographs we had to repair had many rips, tears, and creases, and they all were restored like new, like the photo above that was torn into a hundred or more pieces by a dog. When I recieved this photo i poured the pieces out on to the table and had to stick the many tiny pieces together like a puzzle,
After scanning it i restored the tears and missing spaces.
This is a before and after example of the ripped photo and the damage repaired
Please dont try to repair a ripped or torn photo by placing tape on it especially on the front, in time the acids will yellow and stain your photograph making a small problem bigger and more expensive.

The photo below was ripped and torn into fifteen pieces.
I had to piece each piece together to repair it.

fixed ripped photo after picture
After fixing riped photo, notice the color correction

fix ripped photo before image
Before fixing rips

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