Plaque Mounting Photo Mounting Poster Mounting

What is Plaque mounting?

Plaque mounting is an inexpensive alternative to having your pictures displayed on your walls without using a frame. Plaque mounting will preserve your family photos, movie posters, historical maps, certificates, news paper articles, even your favorite puzzle, all of which will be sealed on mdf wood board custom sized with a UV non glare laminated protective coating, your art work will stand out, with no reflections, it truly is breathtaking.

Plaque Mounting Styles:

Regular Plaque Mount

Plaque Mounted on 1/2 inch. Our board is a 1/8 in. thicker
than what is most used, we use this to have less bowing problems than thiner boards in large sizes
we also use hangers and rubber bumpers we find this much better than the grove in the back to prevent accidental slipping off the wall.

Box Plaque Mount or flushmount

plaque flushmount

This Flush mount is about 1 inch. deep on sides a thicker style of edge.

Float Plaque Mount

Prints are plaque mounted to 1/4 inch mdf then mounted on the back is 3/4 inch mdf to raise it away from the wall to give the appearance of floating on the wall.

Matted Plaque Mount

plaque mounting with multiple pictures

This style is plaque mounted on 1/2 inch mdf with picture is smaller than the mounting board and is mounted to matting larger than the picture can be as wide as you wish. multiple pictures can also be applied.

What can be Plaque mounted?

All your plaque mounting is done on premises in house. We never send your work out.
Photographs: of family photographs, photographic art, wedding photos, special occasions pictures.
Maps: historical, your special travels,
Certificates: wedding, university, colleage, highschool deplomas,
Children's Art: Show children how you value their creations.
News paper clippings: historical documents, special interest,
Posters: movie posters, puzzles,
Documents: Diplomas, old documents, personal, historical, family trees
all are mounted and sealed to mdf wood which has been custom cut and finished to your specifications.
The plaque mounting art surface is completely sealed with heat and pressure
with a tough, durable, transparent matt laminate finish.

We use a top quality laminate with ultravilot protection.
We also offer you dry mounting to almost any surface that can be laminated after or not.
Edges are finished with one of many colors to choose from giving you a unique and
attractive procedure of mounting, protecting and displaying your art,
make your art prints appear to float on the wall with a float mount. Below are samples of plaque matted mount .

Matted Plaque mounting

Plaque mount Layout with Matt

Matted Plaque Mount Sample

Matted Plaque mount with Multiple Images

plaque mounting with matt plaque mounting plaque mounting with multiple pictures

Plaque mounting colors

Edge Colors

Matt Colors

Flushmount sample

plaque mount edge colours plaque mount matt colours plaque flushmount

Or If you want your art custom framed go to Brians Gallery Custom Picture Framing Center

Brians Gallery Plaque mounting Services Hamilton Ontario Canada.

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