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Brian's Custom picture Framing store always strives to compliment your art work with a enhanced well balanced custom framing package that will breath life into your art, fulfilling the purpose it was created for.
Did you know a work of art is not finished untill its PROPERLY FRAMED.
With the artistic skills of an artist and picture framer Brian will always give you the best personal framing service, and attention that you would expect to have to help you with framing detail such as choosing the best choice of real wood picture frames, metal picture frames, the right mat boarder colors, frame colours, and picture frame textures that will complement your art. At the same time keeping within your picture framing budget.

What Does Picture Framing Do?

When picture framing is done properly using proper materials, the frame molding and matting can enhance or compliment what is inside your picture frame, using good picture framing wood, acidfree materials and uv glass can protect your art work for many years. A picture frame makes displaying your art work safer and easier it will also make your art stand out from its surroundings even add some antiquity, or modernism if desired.

What Can Be Framed?

You can frame your photographs, original art, limited edition prints, posters, custom panoramic photo art, medals, maps, medals, maps, diplomas , frame your family history , needle work , bunka, watercolor painting, wedding day photos or what ever it is you want custom framed.
For oil paintings or canvas art we offer floater frames and canvas stretching .

To help you we also carry readymade picture frames , or bring your own frames to have us install your art.
Do you need a picture frame repaired?
Learn more about how we got started in the art and framing industry and what have we learned?

What is Custom Collage Framing?

Collage framing is when we make a collection of photos and frame them all in the one frame, it could be using a matboard with several openings cut into it for each photo, or we can even print using our archival giclee printing services to print your custom collage printing custom collages as multiple images all in one print, one frame a very exciting and fun way to frame and display your art on the wall.

What is Shadow Box Framing?

Shadow box framing is when you use deeper frame moldings for 3D objects, collector objects,such as dried flowers, hats, jewelry, old tools, golf balls, dolls, baby shoes, baseballs, caps, antique pocket watches the list is endless all can be made into fantastic shadow box displays using rectangular, oval or circular frames.

How to Frame Canvas Art?
Canvas framing and canvas stretching

When paintings or photos are canvas stretched you can gallery wrap it, this is where the image is wrapped around the stretcher bar (the finished piece is frameless).
But for a truly classic look use our floater frames for framing art, oil paintings, digital painting, or photographic art, on canvas this will give you a truly gorgeous complete finished look, specially designed for art on canvas making the art work pop out as if it were floating in the frame, many profiles to choose from, use on all canvas paintings, or diigal art on stretched canvas.

Find The Right Framing Solution

Picture Faming solutions

When you need custom framing we will help you choose the right picture frame, mat-colors, or glazing for your project to obtain a good balance in colors and design. You will never have to feel rushed or pressured, we will always give you the highest quality of picture framing service and at great prices. Today many are very busy even have chosen to let us make all the frame and color choices for them.

Framing Needlework Stitchery Art :

Diploma Framing

We have framed many needlework art like cross stitch, needlepoint, bunka, embroidery, crewel, petit-point, tapestries. Many questions comes up reguarding needlework framing, to quickly answer, times have changed with new knowledge and the invention of UV glass, acidfree materials, spacers, etc. for more detail info contact us we will be glad to help you. Needle point framing

Custom Frame Your Family History:

framing family history

Frame up your childhood memories, family photos, wedding photos, letters, your family tree, announcements, newspaper articles, licenses, family historic documents, Mementos, prizes, awards, ribbons, old Historical images, old maps, topographic maps, travel maps of family get-aways, camping trips or historical objects, medals, ribbons, crests, wedding pictures, etc.

Custom Medal Framing

  • Custom Frame your historical world war medals, military medals, fire, police badges, crests, Coat of Arms, Civil War discharge papers, medal framing, marathon, triathlon medals, sport medals, accomplishment medals, your achievement photos, historical records, and add a restored old photo using our photo restoration department will protect your treasures of time with uv glass with the look as if there is no glass at all, and add name tags, and other items of interest. or use our 3D Object framing with oval or round shadow boxed frames .
    The possibilities are endless.

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Diploma Frames & Certificate Framing

Diploma Faming

Learn how we bring excitement to framing your Diplomas certificates or other achievements

What is Archival Framing?

Archival framing or conservation framing. is when a framer uses the very best custom picture framing skills and materials making sure that your art work will last many years.

Custom Conservation framing:

Frame your collective art like one of a kind Original Art, antique Posters, limited edition Photographic art, original Watercolor or Oil Paintings, pastels,
sketches, drawings, serigraphs, lithographs, watercolors, Artists L.E. Prints anything of great value that request Archival Picture Framing.

You Name It ... We Frame It !

Quality Custom Framing

Please note:
About Plastic or Polystyrene Frames:

Quality starts with the frame, we only use top quality REAL WOOD picture frame moldings.
We will never use plastic or polystyrene frames because they are toxic, they break very easy and beyond repair other framers may use them but we do not and will never do so.
Can you imagine spending your hard earned money on a custom framing job with a plastic frame that will break or shatter when bumping it accidently dropping it or when the screws come loose from the back of the framed piece and falls ending up breaking other things including your art work. Wood is solid and stable infact a wood frame falling off a wall may not break at all but plastic frames will shatter.

MDF Frames:

Another line we will not sell is mdf picture frames i call this material pasta framing. It may not be too bad for wider moldings but thinner ones forget it, not very strong at all. you can even purchase online for great prices canvas art made with thin mdf stretcher bars, i dont know how they can even stretch the canvas on this stuff without it snapping in half, give me a break! Please!
I cant tell you how many times people come in to ask if we can fix these frames.
Is this something you want on your walls?
So to keep up with quality service Brians Gallery has not and will never sell Plastic, polystyrene or mdf picture frames


Can I Make My Own Picture Frames?

Yes you can purchase frame supplies like framing-kits, matboards, moulding's, ready made picture frames, hardware, Hanging wire, picture frame hangers, sawtooth hangers, foamboard, atg tape, kraft backing paper, beveled mirrors, vnails, regular glass UV-glass, glass cleaner rubber bumpers, etc what ever you need to frame it yourself at home.

We carry hundreds of molding profiles
mat colours, textures, and styles to perfectly compliment
your framing job.

Ready Made Standard Stock Picture Frames

A Great Way To Savings.

Purchase readymade picture frames at great prices 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, for a custom fit order mats to size that will fit these standard size frames.
Made with Real wood frames.

Repair Picture Frames

picture frame repair

Yes we can fix your picture frames bring us your damged or broken pictureframes to repair, save money on restored frames if they are not to far gone. We can also cut your frame down or resize to fit a new image you want to use. If you want to refinsish, or change colors, restore old frames, repair flaws, cracks, we can make the frame usable again to compliment a new painting.

I Have my Own Frames Will You Frame For Me?

Yes we will use your frame and install your art for you or even make mats for you.

Do We Replace and Cut Glass?

Yes we will cut your own picture frame glass to fit the size you what it for. Is your picture frame glass broken glass we can remove your broken glass and reinstall the new glass in your frame for you, mirrors can also be cut down to size.

Check out these frame it yourself videos to learn how to make your own picture frames

How to Make your Own Picture Frame
How to Make your Own Picture Frame

How to Make Picture Frame Moldings
Learn secrets To Joining Picture Frames

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