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Giclee Art Printing
Giclee Canvas printing
Below are two ways to
display canvas art:
Image gallery wrap
Regular Wrap.

Print on Canvas Gallery Wrap Print on a Regular Canvas Wrap

Giclee (zhee-klay)
The French word "giclée"
means a spray or a spurt of liquid.
Giclee prints are an advantage to artists
who want to produce their art as needed, or on-demand.
Once an image is digitally archived, additional reproductions can be made with minimal effort and reasonable cost.
The prohibitive upfront cost of mass production for an edition is eliminated.
Archived files will not deteriorate in quality as negatives and film will.
Another tremendous advantage of giclee printing is that digital images can be reproduced to any size.

What makes giclee printing a superior method of reproduction?
Giclées are printed on a variety of paper types from canvas, watercolor, satin, glosy, or matt papers. prints on canvas, watercolor or other substrates will make photos and paintings jump out
with deep blacks, saturation and gradations not possible with other media.

What makes a great giclee?
The concept is not new: artists made etchings on copper (plates) and would make limited editions on paper centuries ago.
Some artists never even sell their originals: they only market limited editions.
Others enhance the print with painted brush strokes, giving each piece a unique feel.
If you are an artist or a photographer, a digital artist or manipulate your images, giclee prints are for you.

Canvas Printing

Proper coating can help eliminate scratches or even add surface texture never is varnish used as it will yellow in time.
Color gamut:
the major issues with some canvas is a reduced color gamut some newer canvas has improved.
The new way of hanging canvas giclee prints is without a frame.
Below are three ways of displaying your canvas artwork,
as a canvas stretched gallery wrap or Print on a Regular Canvas Wrap or as a regular stretch.

Water resistance:

A good canvas should not run when touched or when a little droplet of water falls on it.

Giclee Watercolor

You will be surprised how great watercolor giclees can look. Because pure cotton textured papers similar or identical to the traditional papers. Gamut rendition is very good

Inkjet canvas for giclee
What makes a great giclee
Make sure your files are color balanced there is no clipping in highlights and shadows. You can easily see any issues by running a histogram in Photoshop make it sharp.
A giclee must be made with a high quality printer.

Inks and substrates

As for inks, it goes without saying that pigments should be used.
The papers archival, acid free substrates.

Are giclee prints worth printing?

Some think that originals are the only way to go. But over the centuries artists have painted paintings that would crack, yellow, or even rott. This has never stopped a good work of art not to be appreciated and valued, after all how many times have the museums repaired famous paintings worth millions. But it is not the medium that matters, it is the rarity and desirability of a piece that will command value.

Giclee Longevity

Accelerated tests for giclee prints have been conducted in many fields with extremely high amounts of UV light, humidity etc are applied to simulate what will happen in a long period of time. and all reports are very promising.
We have a test print in our window testing for fading from the year 2000. Still no signs of fading
Also have tested L/E lithograph prints lasted less than a year.
The giclee technique is becoming so popular because an artist can actually make a decent income in addition to selling the original art.
If the artist wishes, the original does not even have to be sold.

Digital artists as myself create giclees as their original medium.
Photographers can offer their work on fine art papers and canvas.
And some artists including myself use painting techniques that are very time consuming.
If we were to depend on just the originals, we could not make it, in some cases making less than $1.00/hr..
Giclee printing offers a great outlet with much better color than other methods of reproductions and longevity.
Canvas printing prices
Photographers can have thier photographic art printed as quality digital photo enlargements at lower prices if digital files are all set up for final print.

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