We Color Old or New Black and White Photographs

Why Add Color To Black & White Photos?

Because people like color, we see in color, color is all around us. Color excites people. “When you see something in color it creates an emotional even a psychological response.

How To Colorize Photos

By adding color to restore existing dull colors can bring life back to your old drab photos. This black and white photo was colorized by coloring the clothes, face, background, hair, pony. This black and white photo now is a full colour photograph.

To turn a black and white photo to color is an art with us not mecanical, our photo restoration coloring skills can renew your photograph to look like a new or older hand colored photograph.
Or we can partialy colorize photos.

Coloring black and white photos we first correct imperfections the photograph may have such as loss of colors, detail, faded, or any other photographic errors, then we add the desired colors to the black and white photos.
If you would like your black and white photo come a live with color Contact Us Phone 905-383-4747

turn photos to color after colorize

Add color to photos

turn photos to color before colorize

Original photo


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