Change Backgrounds in a Photo

original photo before background change  change photo backgrounds after example
The background on this old black and white photograph was replaced with a new background
restored and colorized.

Can A Photo Background Be Changed?

Yes today photo restoration can change a photo background removing distracting or boring backgrounds on photos. Replacing these dull backrounds can create a completely different environment and mood. When we Replace a background we actually are making photo montages which simply is merging two or more images together as one picture. The magic here is to get the two separate images to flow with each other. For example most images combined will be taken at different lighting situations, or one may be off focus compared to the other, or the image scale must be adjusted to work together with the other.
Do you have a photo
that has a distracting background that you would like to change to a new and impressive background. Contact Us we would be glad to help.

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