James Lumbers Art Prints

Graduated from The Ontario College of Art. Started to paint in 1973 when an opportunity came to travel to the far north to paint polar bears.

By the late 70s He was One of Canada's most respected and successful artists. His paintings are part of many private collectors around the world. His painting medium is acrylic. He has had many exhibitions in Canada and the United States. Also recognized as a portrait painter, He has painted some of the worlds great Sports Heroes and portraits of many other famous people. More James Lumbers Art Prints

The style of painting that brought recognition to him, started on a summer afternoon in 1976 after sketching an abandoned house on an island in Georgian Bay. There he found a diary and some photo negatives. Later he printed some of the negatives, which related to the writing in the dairy and discovered that the people in the photos were posing on the same porch in 1913. To him it seemed logical to paint the porch of today with the memories of so long ago. Now most of his pictures in this style sells out in the form of Litho and Giclee prints. Some people call these gost images, but they are not spirits of the dead as some think. Lumbers prints are memories of the past and present times. A strong sense of history is reflected in much of his work. We are products of our memories and traditions. A book of James Lumbers work was published representing his work up to the end of 1993.

James Lumbers Sold out prints available:

  • "Summers Past" framed
  • "Dunrowan" framed
  • "Adrift" framed
  • "An Enchanted Evening" -framed, denn glass, and unframed
  • "Days Gone Bye" -framed
  • "Lone Pine" -framed
  • "Moonlight Embrace" -framed
  • "Shades of Summer" -framed
  • "Side by Side" -framed, denn glass
  • "Stirring Memories- framed, denn glass
  • "Summers Past" -framed
  • "Rescuing a Memory"-framed
  • "Gone Fishing
  • "The Perfect Spot
  • "A Boy and His Dream" A/P
  • James Lumbers A Boy and His Dream CE"
  • Gordie Howe Mr. Hockey CE Sale:
  • James Lumbers Double Splash"
  • James Lumbers "cat napping and yesterdays love"
  • "Pirates Cove" framed signed in gold
  • "Saturday Morning"
  • Mr. Emmett's Fishin Hole
    Wanting to purchase James Lumbers "Mr. Emmets Fishing Hole."
  • James Lumbers "Country Kitchen"
  • Opening Night
  • Different Times
  • Lucky Strike
  • Sunset Memories
  • Billy Nine Fingers framed
  • Lucky Strike unframed
  • Playing Through framed
  • Lone Pine unframed

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