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We take pride in framing fabric art. As an artist i am very aware of the time and effort that goes into needlework art. we make sure that our framing is done right for your needlework so it will be preserved for many future generations. Sometimes needlework is stretched with pins, or by lacing them pulling thread in a crossed pattern. if your needle work is not square when you bring them in for framing we can square for you.

Stitchery art cross stitch needlepoint framing

Needlework art or thread art includes various kinds of thread or yarn designs sewn into a designed fabric of threaded art. We frame all needlework, cross stitch, needlepoint, lacework, embroidery, crewel, crochet, petit point, quilts, tapestry, rugs, Japanese Bunka Embroidery, all kinds of needlecraft. Some of these needle art pieces are precious family heirlooms and others are contemporary.

Should you Frame Fabric Art Behind Glass?

Most fabric art like needlework looks good without glass because you can see the textures better. But when it comes to bugs, enviromental issues, smokers in the house, the glass is a great protector from these things. So the best way to frame your fabric art like needle work is to use uv glass with a non-reflective surface, it slows fading down so your needlework will last much longer. But it also looks as if there is no glass at all on your framed piece its so clear you can even use this glass on deep frames like shadow boxes. But at the sametime while your using uv glass, use a mat or a spacer to keep the glass off the fabric because glass sweats and can trap in moisture that can create mould on your precious art work if its touching the frabric.

Before you bring us your needlework art like cross stitch, needlepoint, bunka, embroidery, crewel, petit point, tapestries to be framed make sure it is clean. make sure you have at least three inches of fabric bordering the work for stretching. inspect it thoroughly for missed stitches, loose threads and mistakes.

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