Picture Frame Glass choices.

Tru Vue offers 5 types of glass available with TruGuard? UV Protection. All 5 types block 97% of harmful UV light rays proven to protect original art, restored photographs limited edition prints .
Essential for conservation framing
Conservation Products Different types of picture framing conservation glazings
Trueness-to-color with clarity
Single-sided etched non-glare
MUSEUM GLASS Nothing brings the most important things in your life more clearly into view than Museum Glass by Tru Vue. When you finish your framing project with Museum Glass, you have got the clearest, best framing glass available.

Proprietary technology improves transmission and clarity
MUSEUM GLASS Anti-reflective technology with UV blocking properties

Perhaps you have a very bright room in which you will display your artwork, or you intend to hang the piece opposite a window or lamp. Anytime you think reflection may become a distraction from the enjoyment of your artwork, you may want to ask for Conservation Reflection Control?.
Tru Vue glass employs etching on only one side, eliminating the reflection problem with only a subtle softening of clarity. (This "soft focus" actually enhances some images such as portrait photography and impressionist landscapes, where an atmospheric effort is desirable.)
What is Conservation Glass?
Exposure to UV light causes organic material to break down. This is visible in the form of fading colors and yellowing of the materials that bear the artwork. These effects, once started, are cumulative and irreversible. The best way to preserve your art is to protect it from exposure to UV light from the outset. For starters, don't hang your art in direct sunlight or light it with fluorescent light. Use Conservation Quality Glass, such as Tru Vue? Conservation Reflection Control?. Conservation Series? Glass effectively blocks 97% of the dangerous UV light - protecting your artwork without affecting the visible light spectrum .

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We offer quality picture framing to consumers, art collectors, interior designers and commercial clients with a huge selection of custom framing materials and moldings original art, prints and fine art, and digital art. Your picture framing project can have special glass for high quality archival museum framing and materials used to protect your artwork in a protected environment.

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