History of The Restoration of Photographs:

The Old Way:

In the past if you wanted to restore a old black and white photo (the proper way), a photographer or artist with retouching paints and dark room skills would touch up a photograph copy of the black and white image. Then a new copy of that copy was devoloped of the restored photo. This would cost several hundred dollars and took a long time to do, not very environmental friendly. Some times Restoration was done on the original photo, the original should never ever be retouched, it is a sure way to ruin the original photo (like putting new wine in old wine skins) some have retouched photos this way, but, a ruined picture is what one will end up with, a very poor practice indeed.
Think about it, the old paper becoming brittle with acidic condition and the image fading more even after it is retouched.
Then what do you see?
Due to the extra fading you now see darker tones in the touched up areas making it look worse than it was, and now the paper is even more brittle to handle. Why not restore the photo digitaly and keep the original in the same frame behind the retouched photo, behind acid free backings which can help to keep the photo longer even neutralizing to some degree.

Today the New Way:

Today Digital technology changed this now you can restore photos do Photo Enhancement or Photo Retouching to a remarkable level and it's becoming popular with many families as gifts. With no harm to your original photo at all. The original photo is scanned, then the copy is digitally corrected. Extremely difficult images can be improved dramatically including images that are almost black or very orange, its truly amazing what can be done when a professional photo restoration artist restores your photos.

The restoration process, is much different today from the old way of restoring photos. Today you can restore photos by removing almost every little flaw and improving the quality from the original. You can even color a black and white photo to make it look like a modern color photo or look like a antique photo.

While digital restoration involves computer technology, it is an art that requires a trained eye and a skilled hand. Protect your family history.

We are experts in the removal of unwanted items, colorizing black and white photos, changing backgrounds, people or unwanted objects in the picture, or we can change your picture into a digital painting.

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