Brians Gallery Presents
Paintings of Georgian Bay Ontario

"The Power and the Glory"

The Power and the Glory Georgian bay painting
"The Power and the Glory"
is a Giclee painting framed price $750.00
image size approx. 16x24in.

availabe as giclee print

To order the framed Power and Glory
Giclee Painting $750.00 contact us here

"Pine Island"

Pine Island
"Pine Island" Giclee painting framed
image size aprox. 12x12in.
This framed unit Sold
availabe as giclee print on paper

To Order Pine Island Giclee print $150.00
or canvas print with texture coating at $275.00 contact us here

"Through the Narrows"

Through the Narrows Giclee digital painting
"Through the Narrows" Giclee painting framed price $580.00
frame size aprox. 17x17in.
To Order the framed Through the Narrows Giclee Painting at $580.00 contact us here

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