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On this page you will see some subliminal paintings that i have created with hidden objects and messages usually to make a enviromental staement about our earth or history and the abuse man puts on his home planet.

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The Earth Cries Out

limited edition print subliminal image
Acrylic painting titled The Earth Cries Out

The Earth Cries Out original painting has been stolen. But is available as a limited edition print The Earth Cries Out is of 450s/n price $180.00 canadian.
This painting is a subliminal Environmental painting that offers a statement about how our environment is slowly being destroyed by man causing qlobal warming and disasters. This painting shows how our earth is reacting to this abuse man has caused because of greed of money, power.
this painting is showing how sensitive our earth is by its reactions to this destruction as we can see very much so with floodings and forest fires increase of tornadoes around the world today. You know friends God created this earth in a way in which it can take care of itself and when it does, we will feel its wrath.
Can you see how the earth is crying out here?

The Earth Cries Out

subliminal painting The Earth Cries Out

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The Warning Cry

limited edition print of a Bald Eagle with subliminal image This acrylic painting is titled "THE WARNING CRY"
limited edition print 450s/n $140.00 canadian. Original painting price $6000.00
This Painting is of a Bald Eagle the subliminal image makes a statement
about our environment, and what man has done to our earth causing acid rain and man's future.
This painting is of Killarny Ontario an area where it's lakes
are dead from acid rain showing how the earth is reacting to this destruction .
it is the same area where the group of seven spent a lot of their time painting.

The Warning Cry

subliminal painting Thw Warning Cry Brian Hinkley

To Order the original painting The Warning Cry $6000.00
or Limited Edition print $140.00
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The Meeting Place

Acrylic painting
limited edition print 450s/n $130.00 canadian.

Original Sold
This painting has a subliminal image of a male and female moose.
I painted this picture to show how such a large animal can be so well hidden in its environment.

Can you see the Moose?
Thank you for visiting the art of Brians Gallery

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The Meeting Place

subliminal painting The Meeting Place

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Limited edition print with subliminal image of a wolf This acrylic painting is titled "WOLFOREST"
Original price $6000.00 limited edition print 750s/n $180.00 canadian.
Price For Original on request

"Can you find the wolf"?


subliminal art brian hinkley Wolforest

To Order The Wolforest limited edition print $180.00
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Jurasic Rock

This acrylic painting is titled "Jurasic Rock" giclee print $140.00 canadian.
"Jurasic Rock" is a subliminal painting of three hidden dinosaurs.
The framed original is available $4000.00 or as a Giclee print only $140.00 Price: for original on request

"Can you find the three dinosaurs"?

Jurasic Rock

subliminal painting brian hinkley Jurasic Rock

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