Brians Gallery Presents
Paintings of The French River Ontario

This Painting on the French river is about how my fishing stories go which is not much to say except that they allways get away but the awsome view all around is the most enjoyable part of my painting trips fishing is not really my expertise but i may try it at times so here is my story the painting is titled "The Ones That got Away" not just the fish but me and a friend got away and what a great trip it was on the French River in Ontario Canada.

the ones that got away painting
Original mixed media and acrylic painting framed price $3550.00
size aprox. 24x30in. artist Brian Hinkley

The ones that got away original painting

The ones that got away Limited Edition print $140.00

The ones that got away giclee print paper $150.00

The ones that got away giclee print canvas mounted and coated $250.00

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