Can You Fix Water Damaged Photos?

To Repair water damaged photos is a very common request. Water can be very nasty to photographs when sitting in water or dampness for a long time. Yes we can remove the water damage on your photos and we will restore your old water damaged photo like new by, removing water stains, mold damage. Flood damage is the main cause for water damaged photos or it can also be due to poor storage areas like a damp basement
But one of the sneakiest forms of water damage to photos is a poor picture framing practice due to glass sweating.

Water Damage and Stained

Water Damage Photo Fixed

How To Fix Water Damaged Photos?

Yes over the centuries people did not know water can damage framed photos simply as its hanging on the wall.
Yah it might sound strange but i get lots of photographs with water damage not even aware of the problem of a damp photo with wrinkling paper untill they want to remove the photo from the glass finding out that it may be stuck . What ever physical imperfections are showing up due to water damage on your photographs, we can restore this damage for you. Contact us here.

Photo with Water Damage

Water Damage Repaired

But what is causing this water damage?

Droplets of water can form on the inside of the glass when temperature fluctuates especially if the sun is on the framed photo look closely you will see little droplets of water forming inside the frame. So what should one do? Most people even today will have the glass and the photo in contact with each other not knowing they will have a problem. So what you need to do is install a matt on the photo that seperates the glass from the photograph preventing this kind of water damage to your photos and keep it out of the sun. Our enviroment can cause water damage as the moisture around us, like in bathrooms, or kitchens, basements. If you have a water damage problem due to flooding and if your photo is stuck to the glass you may be able to salvage your pictures.
The important thing is do not let the photos dry out .

If your photo dries on each other or the glass that they are in contact with it could become stained or stuck permantly.

But due to some water damage some prints may suffer permanent damage due to mold eating paper and emulsion.
If you need digital photo restoration work to repair water damaged photos. Contact us here. Phone 905-383-4747

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