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Don't Label Photos with Ballpoint Pens
It may sound like a good idea but with age there are other dangers to using ballpoint pens. Ink could bleed through and destroy the picture.

Also, pens can cause an indentation that travels through the picture and causes a high point on the front of the picture.
This high point will wear first.
If you must write on the back, always use an archival pen (fade proof, water proof, acid-free)
found in scrapbook stores, art supply stores or even craft sections of discount stores.

When labeling any photo, besides using the archival pen, press lightly, choose a dark area of the photo, never behind the faces to write the information.
Then, should the ink somehow manage to migrate through the paper (even though it shouldn't if its is archival),
it will not bleed through to such an important part of the pictures. Other options: you might put the information on acid free paper,
and then tape it to the back of the photo using archival tape.
Or put the photo in an archival sheet protector with the acid free paper behind instead of another photo behind.

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