Photo Restoration Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I email my photo?
    Yes you can email them

  • How do you Restore or Retouch my photos?
    We scan your photos at a high resolution for best quality. In each and every picture we take pride, each having its own challenges.

  • What Resolution should I scan my photo at?
    For Photos smaller than 5x7 Scan at 600 dpi. For Photos larger than 5x7 Scan at 400 dpi. For Photos Scan at 400 dpi. If you want your photo to be enlarged then scan also at a little larger size than the size you want it to be along with the dpi. sugested above.

  • How do I scan my photos?
    Make sure the glass is clean before placing the picture down. Make sure the image you are scanning rests on one side of the scanner so it will be straight. Preview the picture before scanning it. Scan all photos using only the Color option.

  • What format should my scanned photos be?
    They should be saved as either a .JPG for email .tiff on cd file without any compression.

  • How long will the process take?
    Generally our Restoration services take between 1-5 days.
  • Do you alter my oiginal photos in any way ?
    No! We never alter your original photos. We make photo corrected copies of your originals that will last much longer than your original photos.

  • Do you guarantee your work ?
    You will be 100% happy, if you are not, we will make needed changes until you are satisfied. We will have your photos insured for the value you specify. We guarantee our work to be the highest quality around!
  • Are there any photos you can't fix?
    We will attempt to restore every photo regardless of it's condition. If there is an image there, we Can Salvage it.

  • Do you restore artwork? YES!

  • Can I see the progress of my photos?
    Yes and you will be emailed a digital proof to confirm the finished piece. Once the proof is approved, we will mail out the hard copies.
  • Do you do custom work?
    YES! Please explain in detail what you have in mind. We will send you an estimate.

  • Is there a size limit for uploading files?
    YES! Scan photos no larger than 16 Mb. Uploaded photos that exceed this limit will not be able to pass through most regular email services. You can also send your Photos or large files the file size limit is around 2 gig. make sure to save your photos as a .JPG or .tiff file without using any compression, (send large file) on our contact us page up to 2 gigabytes.

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