Can Old Faded color photos be fixed like new?

Yes faded photo colors can be restored like new. To repair faded photos with washed out colors we can correct the colours, repair contrast, adjust brightness levels , lighten dark images, brighten dull images, fix unwanted color cast, restore balance, we can make your faded photos LIVE AGAIN with resaturated living color. Photo restore fading dull colors, tones, recover faded tints. If your photograph has important details missing it will be imposible to fix, but as long as you can see some detail it should be restorable.

Why Do Color Photos Fade?

Colour Photos fade partly because it has been exposed to sunlight or too much UV light, and other elements like in the air, another reason is due to improper washing away of developing chemicals during processing.
Harsh light and UV rays are major causes of faded photos.

Color photos fade much faster than black/white photos due to less silver in the paper and use of color dyes.
Most old photographs will fade or color shift with age no matter how carefully looked after. Your old family color pictures may now have an orange or red color cast with age it will only get worse.

Restore Your Faded Color Photos

The good news is that you can stop the fading NOW before they disappear compleatly on you,
we can repair your faded color photos.
Most faded photographs can be restored to look new again or better. Need Help? contact us But dont wait to long they may disappear beyond recovery.

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Faded color photo repaired

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Faded color photo

fix faded photos before example

Faded Color Photo

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Faded Color Photo Repaired