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Hi i want to tell you a little about myself and Brian's Gallery. I have been painting most of my life since 10 years old, right up to today. I became heavily involved in the field of fine art and abstract painting art. Later in life I did a lot of out door shows as time went on i found it very difficult to make a living at selling art due to high expenses on picture framing thats when i decided to open a gallery, then i became interested in photographic art. Later getting heavier into developing and enlarging large photographic prints the old chemical darkroom way.

How did i become a photo restoration artist.
Well one day it all started when i visited a garage sale there i noticed some Marshals transparent oil paint used for colorizing black and white photos i purchased these for $1,00 they were like new. hardly used . I started to play around with these and enjoyed very much painting with this medium and learning to be more creative about colorizing black and white photos. As the years went by and experience grew here I am today using the modern way of digital restoration and digital painting. I have several years of experience in photographic art, darkroom experience, and years specializing in restoring family pictures, removing backgrounds, and many more forms of editing Please take a look here

So we have been in buisness since 1975. offering Art custom picture framing and photo restoration and giclee printing services. But one thing i have learned in these years is that being patient and kind is a necessity in this field of art and photo restoration. I must also mention one final point and that is, that our final product of workmanship and your satisfaction is very important and presious to us, because we care and that's why we excel in this market. Thank you Brian
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As an artist, i give my very best in all our services we offer.
Brian's Gallery is dedicated to giving you a positive warm feeling of satisfaction of our workmanship and guidance.
I will provide you with the highest quality workmanship in all our departments.
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