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Pet Portrait painting

Custom Pet Portrait Painting From Photos

Your pet is your best friend, they enrich your lives and offer you love and loyalty. Custom pet portrait painting from your photos is a great way to remember your pet. Turn your pets photograph into a beautiful oil painting on canvas, or a watercolor painting.
Dog portraits, Cat portraits, exotic pets, horse portraits, even wild life.

Pet Portraits Paintings Works of Art:

These paintings, are created with artistic skills of sketching, painting the finished piece. If your pet portrait painting becomes damaged some how it can be reproduced again at a much lower price because it is on file.

Helpfull hints for better Pet Portraits.

Pet portraits painted on canvas are a long lasting memorabilia. Your dog portrait or cat portrait can make great gifts just made from a photograph and will be a great surprise for someone you care about. Pet portraits can be commissioned in a wide variety of sizes. The better the photograph you provide me with, the better the pet portrait painting will be. Have someone hold your pet in the desired pose, your hands and background can be removed in the portraits. To get a really natural looking pose dont shoot downward at your pets.

Background Painting

If the background of your photograph is unattractive, we can eliminate it entirely. Replace it with a landscape scene or a simple soft plain background which will focus on the subject of the pet portrait,
If you enjoy nature, and like lots of color in art, this is for you.
Most distracting items, poor lighting, can all be corrected in portraits.
The most important thing to remember is the sharpness of the photo .

Commission a Pet Portrait painting from your Photos

Send us your pet photo of your dogs, cats, horses, what ever for commissioned portraits and we will change your pet photo to a painting any size you would like.
You will be amazed what we can do for you. Memoralize your loved pets and keep their memories alive.
You can upload your photo or contact us here.
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