Custom House Portraits
Paintings of Your house, cottage, or home from your Photos

A House portrait is a great way to preserve precious memories of your old home, house, cottage.
Our House Portraits make great gifts for those you love or work with for old memories of their last home.
There is nothing like the memories of the house you were born into or grew up in. A house portait painting is no longer just a photo but a very special gift to share with your new family of your house to bring bck memories. Maybe in your young years your family was very poor you lived in a home not much more than one room but your mom and dad did the best they could for you, now years later you think, what did that house look like? WOW! Imagine the stories it could tell or learn. Would that not be a great gift to have so all your family could remember the times your parents went through to share their love for you. If you have many brothers and sisters can you imagine the cost it would be if you had to buy a portrait painting for all of them? well good news here. the digital painting file is where most of the cost is because that is where the work is, but you can have giclee copies at just the cost to print each. That is a huge difference

Custom House portraits
Original photo
Custom House portraits
Painting from Photo
Custom House portraits
Original Photo
Custom House portraits
Watercolor Painting of House

Brian's Gallery

Turn any ordinary photograph of your home into a beautiful house portrait.

House Portrait Gifts
for Real Estate

Show you care give a closing or housewarming gift.
A portrait of the home they left behind or the new house they bought from you.
Attach your card to the back of the portrait.
People will remember real estate agents who care about them, give them a House Portrait of their home.

Portrait painting price

To turn your photo into a 8x10 custom painting is only $125.00 larger sizes are available.
We accept visa, mastercard, paypal

Additional Options

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