Turn a photo into a painting example:

The image we digitally paint is printed onto canvas or watercolor paper using a archival giclee printer.
After that we can texturize your painting with actual texture in some cases we even apply paint to certain areas of the work to make a real work of art,
but we never use oil paint due to the ageing of oils that cause yellow stains seeping into the canvas. A very bad idea indeed.
Yes we can reproduce your own photographs or paintings
into Giclee prints on canvas or watercolor paper.
Our Giclee printing service is awesome with a wide gamut range of great color
making your prints just come alive.

And if you wish we can finish it off with
top quality picture framing
which is also offered at Brian's Gallery along with plaque mounting, and old style frames for old prints.

With artistic talent, we can transpose any ordinary photograph into a brush-stroked, beautiful digital oil painting or digital watercolor painting or digital mixed media painting .
It is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional oil painting. We can enlarge your reproduction to almost any size, paper or canvas.

We can reproduce your black and white or color photo as a digital oil painting on canvas or to reproduce your photo as a poster on paper or a Giclee print on archival papers or on artist canvas. We are experts in the removal of unwanted items colorizing, changing backgrounds, people or unwanted objects in the picture, all of this goes into producing a digital painting.

Send us your work
and you will be amazed of what I can do for you.
You can send your picture by email.Contact us info

How much is a custom painting?

To turn your photo into a custom painting starts at only $100.00

Giclee printing prices

If you need a quote please contact us first. Or Phone 905-383-4747

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Turn a photo into a painting info.
Turn a black and white photo to color painting example
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turn a photo into a portrait painting, example.
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House, or Cottage portraits
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Photo Restoration page
*Photo Restoration before and after Examples

Color Photos to Digital painting examples:

Children custom painting.
This digital painting was made from a photo of a little boy, background paited more loose, face of boy painted more photo like.

Family custom digital painting.
This digital painting was painted from two separate photos backrounds were changed.
Before painting After painting Close up of Portrait Painting
Before portrait painting example. This photo was very badly faded.  After digital painting example, painting is now much more pleasing and can be enlarged to at least a 24x30 painting. After digital painting example, close up of baby portait painting, see the texture of the hand painted brush strokes.

Turn a black and white photo into a painting examples:

Original black and white photo


Close up of original

Before digital painting example. This was a black and white photo of a old sailor.

Portrait painting example

After digital painting example. This painting was on canvas and is a truly awsome painting with real hand painted brush strokes on the canvas, can be enlarged to 24x 30.

painting close up


original a old black and white news print

Before digital painting example. This was a news paper print of a couple.

Close up of original

close up of news print original before digital painting.

Digital painting

after digital painting.

Digital painting close up 200x

close up of news print original after digital painting .


Painting of owners Boats at Toronto Lake Ontario and CN tower. Painted from eight different photos.
Painting of old car

Painting of old car classic and its owners. Painted from four different photos.
Custom Paintings Of Your Home

Painting of Customers Chip Wagon

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