Can Severe Or Extremely Damage Photos Be Repaired?

Yes we can repair a extremely damaged photo, photos that are severely damaged like this can be the most challenging form of photo restoration there is when it comes to recreating missing pieces. We can restore large areas of damaged sections or small, washed out areas, extremely faded areas can be filled in, and replaced, or reconstucted, important areas with large scratches like on faces can be repaired.
See the examples below

Photographs that need major restoration work:

Photo Preservation of your memories of torn photos with many rips in many pieces As you can see the complexity of this photo that is involved in restoring this extensive photo damage.I literally had to start by pouring the pieces out of the envelope mounting each piece in the right place placing all the pieces together like a puzzle, then i scanned the image and restored the digital file of the tears and missing spaces, many body parts were missing and had to be replaced. This example is a before and after example of repairing extreme photo damage This image doesn't really show the real scope of the damage or the complexity of this restoration job.
To fix this damaged photo was a challenge, I truly enjoyed restoring it.

The cause of this extreme damage was that this photograph was eaten by their dog. The photo is the customers dad's first basketball score, truely a historical family piece to treasure.

Photo incased in thick varnish

Next example this black and white photograph has extreme photo damage, it was completly incased with thick yellowed varnish and mounted on wood, not a good idea.
The varnish became cracked, the photo had rips, tears, bubblesand many stains all over the print.

 photo severly damage

Extreme Photo Damage

repair severly damaged photos

Damaged Photo Repaired

How Can Photos become damaged?

If your photo is not damaged by accident, Time and the elements around us can damage your old black and white photos they can turn yellow with age, mold can eat away your picture, or mistreatment, like the photograph with the varnishabove can damage your last remaining family photo you have.

The good news is that we can repair your severe or extreme damaged photographs. Contact Us Phone 905-383-4747

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