Can You Find The Wolf

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This painting "WOLFOREST" is a limited edition print with a subliminal image of a hidden wolf.
Can you find it?
This painting is of the interior forest area of Kilarny park Ontario hiking trails on and off trail. I painted this painting to illustrate how difficult it is to actualy see a wolf, and of the time i heard a howling wolf, hoping to see it i would try to call the wolf in to my campsite, after about 4-5 hours of sitting around the campfire and calling i finally gave up and went to turn in to go to sleep as i crawled into the sleeping bag and got confi, there he was with a nice crisp howl right behind my tent, clear as a bell, i could almost hear his breath. It was the most excilerating moment i ever had. "Can you find the Wolf"?
It is limited to 750 prints worldwide at the price of only $180.00 can. dollars,
open edition price $55.00.

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Open editions $25.00
Sale: for original on request.

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