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October Return
The Meeting Place
The Old Family Car
Winter Solstice
A Boy and his Dream
Twilight Cruise
The Gift
The sun never sets
Grandpa's boat

Winter Solstice

James Lumbers Limited Edition print
Price CDN$ 225.00
USD$ 180.00
Size 21 x 16
Description Edition Size 950 s/n $225.cdn/$
95 a/p $270.cdn/$
30 Remarques $325.cdn/$
50 Canvas Giclees $650.cdn/$
As the sun was settling in the trees the blurred images of Thomas and his cousin Phillip
could be seen in the distance approaching home after a day of working in the woods for
the local mill. Two deer cautiously watched as they quietly emerged from the bush.
Were these travelers really there or were they images from the past?
Having purchased food supplies from the old general store, they packed their sleigh for the
trip and pulled it behind them, back to the cabin. It was hungry work and the thought
of a hot dinner by the warm fire, carefully tended by Thomas’ wife Anne was all they
really wanted. It was an age before the conveniences of modern life clouded the challenges
of nature and a time when foolish mistakes could have dire consequences in this unforgiving

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