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October Return
The Meeting Place
The Old Family Car
Winter Solstice
A Boy and his Dream
Twilight Cruise
The Gift

The sun never sets
Grandpa's boat

The Meeting Place
James Lumbers

Limited Edition

There are many places in the countryside that stand unnoticed as nature consumes them,
offering testimony of someone’s struggle and joy as they lived in their time.
Today, empty rooms gaze blindly through dust-covered windows as a young couple appear at the old rusting pump,
to enjoy a refreshing drink on their long journey.
As the sun settles, casting long shadows on the scene, our spiritual travelers disappear for another day. Our two dogs have always been fascinated with this abandoned home and perhaps they know things that we can only guess at.
Is it another animal they sense or is it something else?
They quietly watch as evening descends into darkness and the cool night air beckons them to return home to a welcome meal.

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