Brians Gallery Presents
The Avro Arrow
Aviation Painting by Wm. Barnes

The Avro Arrow was a supersonic twin engine interceptor developed in the late 1950's by the Avro Aircraft company in Canada designed to seek and destroy any threat of North America. The Arrow had its first flight on March 25th, 1958. Internationally known as the most powerful and sophisticated fighter aircraft in the world. The government ordered everything to do with the Arrow destroyed during its time.
Brians Gallery would like to offer you this unique art print of the Avro Arrow one of the most famous of Canadian aircraft designs. the painting below is Titled "Oh Canada" by Wm. Barnes

"Oh Canada"

Avro Arrow Painting by Wm. Barnes title Oh Canada
"Oh Canada" Is a Giclee print price $60.00 signed open edition
size is 14x11 inch.

Avro Arrow Painting by Lance Russwurm

Larger size "Avro Arrow" by Lance Russwurm Limited edition giclee print numbered of 100 price $150.00
larger size aprox. 24x16.6 inch.

"Avro Arrow by Lance Russwurm" Limited edition giclee print numbered of 750 price $85.00
smaller size aprox. 14x9.5 inch.
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