Photo Painting Portrait painting from photos

Portrait Paintings turn your photos to paintings

A Masterpiece portrait painting can be painted from just your photos. You will be amazed by what we can create from your photographs.

Custom portrait painting on canvas or watercolor paper.

Turn your photos into paintings on canvas,
or watercolor paper of your family, friends, pets, dog, cat, landscapes, seascapes, cottage, or your house.

Johhnny Depp painting
Portrait Painting of Johhnny Depp

Artist are very sensitive to colors shapes and textures so we paint our portraits with colors so exciting it brings life into your portrait moving you emotionaly.

A painting is not finished untill its properly framed.
As an artist I know how to Finish your portraits off with quality picture framing so your painted Portrait will be complete and balanced with that finishing complement.

Turn a Photo into a Painting

Our Portrait Paintings
are created by hand, allowing me to paint in a variety of mediums such as pastels, watercolor, oils, or pencil sketching, painting, the finished piece just like a traditional oil portrait painting.

These Paintings are then printed with archival inks, papers and canvas
they are as archival or even more archival than some oil paintings especialy watercolor paintings
and are enviromental friendly.

The Benefits of Our Oil Portrait Paintings

No long drying periods as with oil painting, no toxic smells
Our oil Paintings can be offered at a lower price, once printed, we can even add a hand textured finish.
Have more than one produced as a gift for other family members or friends at a much lower price.
If your portrait painting becomes damaged, it can be reproduced again for less cost because it is on file and needs only to be printed.

Need a quote or have questions
give me a call 905-383-4747
or email Us all answers and satisfaction from a real artist.
Email your picture to have your portrait painted and we will answer any questions you may have.

I never send your work out to China, India or anywhere.
Alert Notice about art scams:
Portrait painters and offshore painters.

Surprise Someone with a beautiful Portrait Painting.
Painting portraits from photos is a great surprise for many, because when you Turn a Photo into a Painting,
the subjects do not have to pose in person for the portrait.

If you are interested in Portraits Painted from Photos bring in your photographs or files
or send by email and then we can start work.

Portrait Paintings from Photos Examples

Family or Friends,

Pencil sketch portrait

Pet Portraits: dogs, cats etc.

Boat, Car, or Truck Painting

House, or Cottage Portrait

From black and white image

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Photograph Restoration

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Giclee printing prices

Oval frames and convex glass

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Some of our paintings:
Celebrity portraits

wolf portraits

moose portraits

abstract paintings

georgian bay paintings

painting gallery

Landscape portraits

wedding portraits,
anniversary portrait, babies portrait, executive portrait,
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